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What Is Property Education

Your property education is a must have when entering into the world of housing. We provide a wide variety of educational programmes that are suitable for beginners and even the most experienced professional. We like to put our money where our mouth is and our educational programmes reflect this. We provide you with real examples and figures of properties purchased and packaged by our very own team, showing real results that you can achieve.

Investing in yourself is paramount to successfully investing in the property market.

What Is Property Education

  1. How I Started
  2. Property Strategies
  3. How to flip properties with an example
  4. Company vs Personal
  5. How to design a property
  1. Property tax for company and personal individuals
  2. Banking
  3. Accountancy
  4. Bookkeeping and keeping track
  5. Tax tips
  1. Locating your investment area
  2. Working out which property strategy works for you
  3. Working with estate agents
  4. Working directly with vendors
  5. Analysing a deal with different strategies
  6. Raising private finance
  7. What is BMV and how can you find one
  1. How to get the most from agents and property sellers
  2. How to research your property investment
  3. Working with tradespeople
  4. Managing a property refurbishment
  5. How to manage your cashflow
  6. How to design your refurbishment based on your property strategy
  1. Live site visits
  2. Live mortgages Q&A
  3. Live accountants Q&A
  4. Live estate agents Q&A
  5. Live solicitors Q&A
  6. Live insurance brokers Q&A
  1. Finding your tenant
  2. Calculating your rent
  3. Setting up property viewings
  4. Vetting your tenant
  5. Inventory’s
  6. Property deposits
  7. Tenancy agreements
  8. The law regarding tenants
  9. Inspections and maintenance
  10. The checkout process
  1. How to start the process of refinancing
  2. Creating a valuation pack
  3. Dealing with down valuations
  4. Refinancing costs

Business Starter Pack Documents

jamey in a podcast discussing projects
jamey smiling whilst holding tools
jamey cheering outside of a property he refurbished
Valuation Packs
Direct To Vendor Letter
Inventory Documents
Tenancy Agreements
Inspection Forms
Deal Calculator
Viewing Questionnaires
Contactor Agreements
Sales Memo Template
Property Agent Questionnaire
Furniture & Matierials Lists
Budget Tracker

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