Your home group is a dynamic company that efficiently caters to all aspects of the housing market. Whether you’re looking to invest, refurbish or rent your property we are here to help and guide you. Gone are the days where only a select few had the first pick of the market. Your property experts are here to build your investment through time served experience and market knowledge.

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What Our Clients Say

Kushil Maharaj
Jamey has been exceptional with the entire process. It certainly gives me comfort that I can rely on a trustworthy professional to help source, refurbish and tenant a property. He is readily available to assist and provide guidance whenever required.
Jamey is a man with a plan! and that's just what I was looking for to turn my small collection of property into a more efficient business. The process of establishing a company and purchasing a property has been a learning experience, where Jamey has guided me every step of the way. Having a good team for legal, mortgage and maintenance makes the process virtually stress free. As an overseas landlord it has been invaluable having quick responses. I look forward to further business now as we review my portfolio, to plan for the future. You won't regret putting your trust in Your Home Group.
I met Jamey back in Aug 2023 - as I had a plan to grow, I knew immedaitely that I could work, trust and follow his guidance. I wouldnt hesiate what-so-ever to recommend his services.
Kevin Talle
Mijn eerste aankoop gedaan via dit bedrijf. Dankzij hen heb ik een goede aankoop kunnen doen en ik werd goed begeleid met alle regelgeving voor het investeren in the UK. Op naar een lange samenwerking!
Alex Whitehead
Fantastic service provided by Jamey. Great properties sourced, full support with the solicitors and legal side as well as great investment advice. He's available 24/7 and gives great support throughout the investment process. I recommend his services. Please feel free to reach out for more information
The materials covered in each module were well-organized, logical, and easy to follow. As someone relatively new to property, I found the course to be accessible and relevant. The gradual progression from foundational concepts to more advanced topics allowed me to build a solid understanding of property principles. Clear explanations and real-life examples. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the course. It has equipped me with the essential knowledge and confidence to manage properties effectively and responsibly. I believe this course would benefit a wide range of learners, from beginners like myself to those seeking to expand their expertise in property management.
J Ramms
Wonderful experience so far, met Jamey Bowles through a good mutual friend and Jamey has been the most help since, transparent and you can call to enquire about anything all of the time. There’s no tricks or anything like that, he just says it how it is and can cover most areas you may have to sort out.
Marie Feeney
Excellent service from Jamie.Always there if you have a question. He keeps you updated and is on top of his game. Totally trust worthy. He knows his stuff, takes a lot of stress away from you and it's very much appreciated. Thank you and look forward to continuing working with you.
Jamie Whitehead
Ii was surprised as the speed of which this moved, expecting it to be slower, as an investment, moving through the initial stages and the finding of a house/property. The information provided, breakdown and assistance has all be fantastic. I have only initially purchased one property to begin with, due to the risk financially of more being to much to my liking (I like to play it safe and not have much debt) but I was very close to buying a second or third property, as it would have been manageable. So the reassurance and comfortability is there, the knowledge of the area and sector has been a big help, as various loans, strategies ect have all been explained and gone through with myself, who prior didn’t realise or understand that they were there. I have no doubt in the future that I may make a second, third, ect investment with this company (‘Your home group’) and Jamey, and look to build my portfolio.
luke pearce
Could not recommend your home group any more highly they have been great from the start. Have been reliable and happy to help from start to finish. Could not recommend enough - Luke

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